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Tempest Reach
Ascension Valley
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Game News

       Welcome to Iconic!


      On behalf of the officers and myself, let me start off by saying welcome and thank you for picking Iconic as your home for Tera online. If you are new to Tera, then you are not alone seeing as how Tera has only been out since the begining of May, most players on Tera are new. Now that you are in Iconic we want to help you be successful in the game. We want to help our members lvl and get gear for end content. We have a very wide range of experiences and lvls in this guild so if you have any questions about anything just ask away. Someone in the guild will be able to help. Again, thank you for picking Iconic, and we are very happy you are now a part of the Iconic family!                

Overview of the Site's Tabs
        *Home - This tab is your basic tab to grab quick info about guild, server, and game news. We have our server statuses posted here, along with all news about the game as it comes out. Be sure to check the Shoutbox while on this page it is a way to see what new things are happening on the site.
        *Mail - This tab is a quick link to view you mail that you might be getting from other members of iconic or just a notification of achievements that you have completed on the site.

        *Forums - Go here to check out what other members are saying. Our forums have multiple uses such as member intro's, class breakdown, glyph/crystal guides, and guides to tanking and healing. Forums are you place to get answers for questions you might be having in the game.

        *Gallery - This is our pictures tab. If something cool is happening in the game, you and a group of guild members are about to down a boss, or maybe you just want to show off your new armor style, then snap a quick screen shot and post it to the photo gallery!

        *Guild Calendar - We will be using the guild calendar to set dates for guild events like dungeon runs, raids, rep runs, and guild quests.

        *Roster - This is the roster of all the toons that have been listed by the members of the site.

        *Officers - Once officers have been picked this will be an alternate way of contactin them. The officer tab will be a list of officers and there contact info like email and toon names.

        *Vent - This tab is stricly for our vent info for now.

        *Guild Rules - This tab has an up to date list of the guild rules.

        *Ranks/Promotions - This tab has a list of the guild ranks and how to be promoted from rank to rank.

Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Iconic GM, Jun 12, 12 3:16 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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